Calgary is A Great business Environment

When you think of a great place to live and work, a number of contributing factors have to be considered to make your experience valuable. Comfortable home, amenities & facilities, safety and security, hygienic environment, transport, and growth oriented communities and networks are the basic needs you will love to have. Calgary offers you all these benefits and transforms your lifestyle beyond the scope of your imagination. You may choose to work as an employee, entrepreneur, self employed, free lancer, or in any other mode. The federal, provincial and the city council governments provide you with equal opportunity to grow and prosper in your chosen profession. Today we take an overview of the benefits you can reap while you live and work in Calgary see our companies like : .

Calgary Healthcare Services

The primary Care Network (PCN) at Calgary is an organized system in which you can find family doctors, consultants, pharmacists, diet and fitness experts, hospitals, maternity homes, and senior care specialists. The network is widely spread all over Calgary including the north east, north, south, central, Bow valley, Highland, and the Calgary rural sectors. You can also find private health and life insurance companies offering excellent services at competitive costs.

  • Community Clinics: The community clinics cater to the prevention and cure of infections, illness and diseases, emergency medical care, diabetes, nutrition, mental health, treatments for additions, etc.
  • Community Workshops: PCN also conducts regular workshops for working couples, families, and their children. Stress management is one of the key solutions you get to improve your lifestyle (7555- Falconridge-Calgary). At the 2682-36St-NE you can find workshops for diabetes management with regular wellness programs, diet control and changes in lifestyle. Similar workshops can be found in your residential region when you search online.
  • Health Insurance: The Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (AHCIP) at Calgary provides you with basic medical services from physician, oral surgeon, eye checkup (children up to 19 years and seniors above 64), therapeutic and pediatric services. Outpatient services include emergency treatment, surgery, diagnosis, orthopedic, diabetic, and other services. As in-patients you get nursing care, medication and surgical care, transportation, maternity services, etc. Insurance is available for citizens, PR holders, refugees, sponsored immigrants, and others who are eligible for the AHCIP scheme.

Calgary Homes and Apartments

The Calgary homes and apartments are made for luxury class, comfort seekers, and also for those who wish to own simple & affordable dwellings.

  • Luxury Apartments: You can find brand new luxury apartments in Calgary with the most sophisticated floor plans (1 bed + bath, 2 beds + baths, and more). Bustling Beltline, Glenmore Trail, Glenmore Reservoir, 1 Av SW, 17 Ave SW, and the 9 Avenue SW are some of the locations in Calgary where you can find luxurious apartments, condominiums, independent houses, etc. The amenities include centralized air conditioning, fireplaces, hot water, security, and more. The surrounding regions will have advanced facilities for education, health and wellness, supermarkets, public transport, business infrastructure, sports and entertainment, Food courts, pubs, and bars, etc.
  • Comfortable Condos: The mid range apartments in Calgary are for the employees, small business owners, entrepreneurs, and self employed people. One bedroom with office apartments are said to be ideal to work from home. Fitness center, laundry, parking, centralized heating and cooling, and housekeeping are some of the features you get. These apartments are available in East Village, Calgary North East, Country Hills, Bridlewood, Braeside, and Bayview are some of the places where you can find comfortable apartments at mid range prices.
  • Affordable Homes: Affordable housing for the low income group is made available by the Alberta provincial government and the city council. The Affordable housing strategy offers from the organizations like the TD Canada Trust and other affordable home providers can be approached to rent/buy your dream homes.

Calgary Civic Infrastructure

Parks and recreation centers, schools, libraries, sports centers, heritage, art, cultural, and community centers are some of the elements of the unique civic infrastructure in Calgary.

  • Moral Support: Once you land in the Calgary residential area and settle down in your home, you can search for the community centers nearby. This is where you get moral and psychological support to lead your everyday life. You don’t feel lonely or like a stranger in the city anymore.
  • Community Activities: Encourage your family members to take part in the community activities. Soon you can become an active member and community leader in some sort of unique service in which you have specialized. Caring and sharing community services and activities will also keep you physically fit and healthy.

Calgary Transportation

The (Transit Oriented Development TOD) projects in Calgary around the green line LRT are the best eco friendly programs in Calgary infrastructure development. Some of them are related to utility upgrades, easy accessibility, streamlining of traffic, public transport improvement, road widening, and seamless connectivity to all the business, corporate, industrial, residential, educational, and community centers. Efficient services from the LRT, Bus Rapid Transit, and other modes of transportation like the cab services from private operators have improved the movement of people in an eco friendly manner.

Calgary ECO Plan

The environment policy of Calgary considers the plans to safeguard the greenness through practical measures. All the construction contractors have the mandatory obligation to follow the guidelines for avoiding carbon emissions, hazardous and waste management, tree protection, erosion prevention, pollution control, and implementation of environmental alleviation programs. Rated as the most eco friendly city of Canada in 2010, Calgary continues its legacy for clean and safe environment.

Calgary Standard of Living

The average expenses for provisions, utilities, childcare, rentals, clothing, sports and entertainment, restaurants and pubs, and transportation are calculated to determine the standard of living. When you compare them with the average salary /household income of the individuals, you can derive the monthly savings options. The standard of living in Calgary is rated to be among the top in Canada in the December 2017 analysis reports. Hence, you can plan to work and live in Calgary with zero concerns for your personal and family life.


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