Calgary Stampede

If you have been in Calgary any length of time then you know just what a big deal Stampede week is, this is when the city comes alive!  Calgary absolutely comes alive as tourists flock to the city and there is an energy in the air that you just don’t see any other time of year.  This is when the suits and ties are gone and Calgarians are sporting cowboy boots.  The streets flood with tourists from all over the world, the scent of the food trucks and vendors fills the air.  Stampede is hands down one of the best times of year to be here.

Not all of us get to enjoy the fun and games of Stampede, in fact for some of us it’s a time to work.  Stampede is a great opportunity to get out there and spread the word about your business.  There are events taking place all over the city all hours of the day.  Take the time and see as much as you can and talk to some of the vendors working there, it’s a work day for them too.  This is your chance to build some relationships in a very informal setting.  Here is how to make networking at the Stampede work for you.

Doing Business at Stampede

  1. Watch the Alcohol

Yes, this is a party…a HUGE party but you still need to keep you wits about you.  This is a chance to represent your company and unless you’re a vodka vendor getting drunk is inappropriate, actually it’s inappropriate even if you do sell vodka.  You want to be able to keep track of who you have met and you never know who you might run into while working your way through the crowds.

  1. Dress for the Occasion

Pretty much anything goes for the party goers at Stampede, but you’re not exactly there to party.  Throw on some western gear but keep it casual.  Ripped  jeans and stained shirts don’t exactly scream “I am a professional”.  Yes you can make connections over weird Stampede food, but you are still representing your business.

  1. Manage Your Expectations

Unless you are a food vendor you are probably not going to sell anything, nor is it a time to plug your business.  This is a time to get out there and meet people, make connections and when everyone goes back to work, then it’s time to talk business.  Right now you’re selling yourself as good person with positive energy, you want them to remember you tomorrow.

  1. Pace Yourself

If you have never been to Stampede then you can’t really appreciate just how massive it is.  Schedule out the events that you really want to be at, they can include breakfasts, parties or what have you.

Most importantly get into the spirit of Stampede and enjoy the show!